INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Constructyv announces today from the floor of the GIE+EXPO, the largest green industry and equipment tradeshow, its company launch and the availability of its refreshingly simple business management platform for home service professionals – with a twist. The app is free to access.

Launching with core functionality of quick quoting and invoicing, repeatable templates, easy scheduling, cheap credit card processing, accounting and end consumer loans, the app will soon be the go-to for home service businesses to manage every back and front-office aspect of their daily life. It is a part of Constructyv’s larger movement to provide total business management in one simple SaaS app, allowing customers to increase revenue, lower costs and greatly reduce administration, so they can focus on their core trades.

“We’ve evaluated countless software, and nothing provided the functionality we needed in a quick-to-learn, simple-to-use and affordable way,” says Dan Wasson, Landscape Designer and President of Wasson Nursery Inc. “Constructyv is configurable to the way we work, while optimizing our efficiency. Free access is icing on the cake.”

Unlike other platforms on the market, requiring extensive initial and ongoing layers of training and hefty subscription fees, Constructyv focuses on business management that is easy to learn with no training necessary. Home and field service businesses can do everything digitally the way they do it manually, but more efficiently.

“We’re rolling the clock back to when SaaS was easy and affordable. We’re not in Silicon Valley dictating how our customers should manage their business. Rather, our team is sitting in truck cabs with landscapers and walking job sites with general contractors in the Midwest to learn what they want,” says Scott Prince, Co-Founder and CEO of Constructyv.

With no annual subscription or contract to tie users down, Constructyv is the ideal solution for small and mid-sized businesses to begin automating their back-office work. It provides core functionality for free, with additional services available in a utility pay-only-for-what-you-use model. The app is available for download directly from Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store, allowing users to sign up for free and explore the functionality at their own pace.

To help users make the most of the app, Constructyv provides a marketplace of integrations, including QuickBooks for accounting, CardConnect (a First Data Company) to enable payment card processing, and GreenSky to provide consumer financing. Constructyv plans to announce additional integrations in the future that will provide significant value to customers.

The Constructyv app is now available for the public from any mobile or desktop device at

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  • Phil Melangton
    Phil Melangton

    Best wishes for success with your launch. Looks fantastic and a tremendous asset to service providers.

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