We are excited to announce that Dave Sutton has joined our team as Lead Software Architect. Constructyv is ready to push forward into new developments in 2018, just in time for the new year.

Sutton brings extensive development and systems knowledge to Constructyv. Most recently, he served as the Chief Information Officer at On Point Cyber, a security service.

“We are honored to have Dave to join our growing team. He is an exceptional problem-solver, with a keen attention to detail and a unique understanding of his users,” says Eric Meek, Constructyv CEO. “Dave’s experience and vision will position Constructyv to transform the industry for small and mid-sized contracting companies in 2018.”

At On Point Cyber, Sutton was an integral member of the management team, which dealt with security solutions in all aspects. Sutton’s responsibilities included building security app revolving around identity awareness and secure communications.

Prior to Sutton’s time at On Point Cyber, he led entrepreneurial companies in a variety of capacities as well as at Indiana University with the Indiana University Library system as a developer, systems engineer and educator.  He also served as a Cavalry Scout in the United States Army.

To learn more about Constructyv, visit constructyv.com/about

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