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With Constructyv, you can build and send professional quotes quickly. Customers accept right from their email.
  1. Select “Create Quote” from the menu.
  2. Find your existing customer in the drop down or select “Add New Customer” to create a customer profile, including contact information and address.
  3. From the “Job Name” drop down, select an existing job or create a new one. This name will serve as the title for your quote.
  4. If you already have templates built, you can choose a template or select “Create Quote” to get started.
  5. Select to “Add another line item” to the quote and include a description of the job or tasks, along with the amount to charge. Quantity can refer to amount of items, number of hours, number of square feet, etc.
  6. Once created, you’ll be able to select if the job is taxable, along with additional options to add a markup or discount.
  7. Lastly, select “Send Quote” and have the option to include an attachment or message for your client.
  8. Your customer will be able to accept the quote right from their email, and you will receive notification as soon as they do.