Offering New Possibilities for the Way You Pay


the old way

Costly invoicing

Crunched payment terms

Slow pay for suppliers

Messy spreadsheets & files

Suppliers call for pay updates


the new way

Free for the buyer

Extended payment terms

24-hour supplier pay

See all invoices in one place

Suppliers see pay data in app

PayEngine Frees Up

Your Working Capital

Meet the payment solution that fits the needs of both finance and operations. With Constructyv’s PayEngine, you can cut invoice costs, pay suppliers in just 24 hours, and extend your payment terms. All for free.

Designed with Your Business in Mind

PayEngine simplifies your current AP process by turning multiple data points into a single pane of glass.
  • Branded to be your platform
  • Easy connection to your existing TMS, ERP, or accounting software programs
  • Review digital paperwork and match to POs online
  • Leverage customized terms by supplier
  • Maintain current audit, reconciliation & reporting processes
  • One-click branded invites to onboard new suppliers

Success for Suppliers

With fully customizable pay terms to fit their business.
  • Online payment visibility without the calls or emails
  • Digital invoice paperwork uploads
  • Receivables reporting
  • 2-minute easy enrollment

A 180 on Traditional Finance

PayEngine technology partners with affiliate capital company Rover180 to deliver its best-in-class supply chain financing.